HBL Debit Card

MasterCard Debit

MasterCard are international brand in card business. These brands have wide range of acceptance worldwide. Himalayan Bank is the principle member bank to Nepal for both Visa and MasterCard.Master debit card issued by HBL is accepted in Nepal and India.


  • Safe and convenient mode of carrying cash
  • Easy to apply and get a card by operating an individual Savings or Current account with any HBL branch
  • It is linked to the cardholders account
  • Debit Cards are valid for 4 years
  • Supplementary card for spouse/children
  • Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted in all ATM and POS terminals in Nepal and India
  • Round the clock access to the account
  • No additional charges for cash withdrawals at HBL ATMs and POS terminals
  • No interest, late fee or any other penalties


Customer who operates/maintains an individual Savings or Current account with any branch of HBL can avail HBL debit card.

Fees & Charges

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The Visa and MasterCard Debit Card is a smart EMV CHIP secured card, which is ideal for customers who want to stay in control of their funds and also make quick, easy and safe transactions without carrying cash.

Eligible applicants maintaining account with HBL can visit the concerned HBL branch

  • Within Kathmandu valley: 3 working days
  • Outside the valley: 7-10 working days

The validity of chip based debit card is 4 years.

You may either call our 24/7 Helpdesk at Card Center Kamaladi # Toll Free No: 1660 - 01 - 12000 or +977 – 1 - 4245979, 4245980. You may also visit our nearest branch

You can apply via Representative Officers deployed at various countries (if available). However, to collect the same, one has to visit the branch personally or may authorize second agent with valid ID to collect on card holder’s behalf. For further information, you may visit the concerned branch or Card Center, Kamaladi

The card is strictly non transferable and can be used only by the card holder